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Possible Interruption of Canada Post Email Services
Canada Post mail services may be disrupted due to a possible labour dispute as early as July 2, 2016.
In the event of a service disruption, Canada Post will not operate, meaning no mail or parcels will be delivered, and no new items will be accepted. Any mail or parcels in the mail system during the service disruption will be secured, and delivered after operations resume.
Correspondence Letters
Cancer Care Ontario will continue to process mail during the service disruption. However, your patients may notice delays in their correspondence. For people without a primary care provider who obtained a ColonCancerCheck fecal occult blood test (FOBT) kit from Telehealth Ontario or a pharmacy, Cancer Care Ontario will courier result letters indicating positive test results. All other mail correspondence, including correspondence indicating your patient needs to redo the test, may be delayed due to the service disruption. If your patients know they are due for screening, they should contact your office or their nearest Ontario Breast Screening Program site to book an appointment.
FOBT kits will continue to be processed when received by the laboratory; however, due to degradation of blood in the stool over time, if a test is negative when it is processed 21 days after the first stool sample was collected, it is classified as indeterminate by the laboratory and your patient must redo the test to reduce the risk of a false-negative result.
As part of the regular ColonCancerCheck program, participants send in their completed FOBT kits via mail using the return-addressed envelope provided in the kit. This service will be unavailable in the event of a postal disruption.
During a postal disruption, the community laboratories responsible for processing completed FOBT kits will ensure providers continue to receive notification of their patients’ colorectal cancer screening results.
What to do in the event of a postal service disruption:
  • Advise your patients to drop off their completed FOBT kits at a specimen collection centre. A list of specimen collection centres can be found at http://www.oaml.com/res_scc.html. Alternatively, you can advise your patients to call Cancer Care Ontario toll free at 1-866-662-9233 or email screenforlife@cancercare.on.ca to receive information about the closest drop-off location.
  • Many providers will be able to return completed FOBT kits for processing via their regular community laboratory courier. If this service is available to you, you may wish to allow your patients to return their completed kits to you, so you can send their kits in for processing through this courier service, during the disruption.
  • Patients in remote areas with no convenient drop-off location (either at a specimen collection centre or your office) should wait until the service disruption is resolved before completing the FOBT kit, to reduce the risk of having to redo the test if it is received after the specimen has expired.
Questions? Please refer to the frequently asked questions document here for more information or contact screenforlife@cancercare.on.ca for more information.
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