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A New Strategic Plan for Regional Cancer Services in Waterloo Wellington

Waterloo Wellington Regional Cancer Plan 2016-2019

The Waterloo Wellington Regional Cancer Program is proud to announce the launch of a new 2016-2019 plan for cancer services. For the first time, an extensive consultative process was undertaken with many patients, families, care providers, staff and partners throughout Waterloo Wellington to identify the priorities for cancer care. The Plan outlines five key themes, which aligns with the goals and strategic objectives of Cancer Care Ontario’s Ontario Cancer Plan IV (2016-2019), and the current and projected needs of patients and families.
The Waterloo Wellington Regional Cancer Plan gives direction for the development and delivery of cancer services and is focused on the needs of patients across the various phases of their cancer care, from screening through to end of life care.
“Our community will benefit from a focused and collaborative effort that will allow for the streamlining and implementation of services that will best meet the needs of patients and families,” says Judy Linton, Regional Vice President, Cancer Services with the Waterloo Wellington Regional Cancer Program. “Over the next three years, the Waterloo Wellington Regional Cancer Program looks forward to working together with our patients and partners to improve the care provided across the cancer continuum, while keeping patients as close to home as possible.  
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