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Disease Pathway Maps

Disease pathway maps (DPMs) are a quality improvement tool for the Ontario cancer system.  They represent evidence-based best practice for the management of patients during a specific phase of their cancer experience.


These high-level flowcharts that visually provide an overview of the care a patient with cancer in Ontario should receive. Each path for patients may vary depending on their circumstances.


DPMs provdie guidelines for diagnosis, work up and treatment from suspicion to survivorship. 


The following DPMs are available for your use:

 Bladder cancer

 Breast cancer

 Cervical cancer

Colorectal cancer 

 Endometrial cancer

Esophageal cancer 

Lung cancer 

Oropharyngeal cancer 

 Ovarian cancer

Prostate cancer 

Soft tissue sarcoma 

Thyroid cancer 

To learn more about DPMs which are organized by cancer type, please visit Cancer Care Ontario’s website.
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